What Our Clients Say...

...you helped us so much in our time of need and we are where we are thanks to your help and support. We would give you 10/10 for your help and services and would recommend you to others who need the help.
— Samia and Marid - Leicester

I have no words to express what you did for me. I am overwhelmed by your kindness and help, with such appreciation for your support.
— Lindsey - Leicestershire

My grandad was terminally ill for a time, and my grandma was struggling to cope with caring for him, even with help from my mum (outside of her work hours). It became very stressful with great pressure on all involved. I sought advice from Beacon on what we could do to get help.

Their guidance on nearby services (unfortunately they live outside Beacon’s immediate reach) and agencies was invaluable. Within a couple of days of contacting one of their recommendations, respite care had been arranged to give everyone a breather. My mum said it felt like she’d had a truck lifted from her.
— Emm - Lincolnshire

Two thirds of feedback from staff has been extremely positive; the other third has been complaints that you weren’t employed to apply your graft to all areas!
— Tim - Uppingham